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Divorce & Separation for Equine Law

Ending a relationship is never easy, but if you also share a business interest with your spouse it can seem even more difficult to make that break.

Our team has a wealth of experience in handling divorce and separation issues. Since we offer a range of approaches, we can find an approach that will suit your particular family circumstances and financial situation.

Most importantly, we fully understand the issues and concerns that you will have when horses or an equestrian business or property form part of the matrimonial assets.

We know that the distress that you experience in the break-up of a relationship can be compounded by the prospect of losing a cherished horse, or even being forced to sell the horse because you can no longer afford the upkeep. 

Divorcing is often the easy part; achieving a financial settlement and resolving children contact and residence can be more tricky. Horses add an extra dimension, but since we understand the problems, we are better placed to help you find a solution.

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