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Care Home Issues

Are you worried about planning for care in your old age?

Do you have relatives who may be unable to continue living independently?

Are you struggling to get the care you need?

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At some point in our lives, many of us will be faced with difficult decisions about long-term care.We worry for ourselves - about how we will manage in our old age, or for our parents and elderly relatives, and for our children who may not be able to live independently in the future.For those who have assets, there is also the worry that the family wealth may be eroded by care home fees or demands for tax.  

There are practical steps you can be take to address some of these issues.

Our specialist solicitors have the experience to help you to plan for a more secure future and to answer some of those niggling questions.

Both have expert knowledge of care home issues, from the assessment process through to funding. It is not always easy to get the care package that you are entitled to, and sadly the point at which you need care is the point at which you feel least able to insist on it.

With their knowledge of the processes and systems, our team can help you navigate the maze and exercise your legal rights.

They can also provide helpful advice on how to retain your hard-earned wealth within the family. For more detail or to arrange a meeting, contact  Des Saunders on 01827 317070 or