Funding your Divorce

Relationship breakdown can be difficult enough to deal with in itself, but it comes with the added pressure of how you fund the cost of your divorce.

We offer a free 30 minute, initial, no-obligation consultation, following which you will be given an estimate of the likely fees, VAT and expenses. Our estimate will explain what you will be required to pay for our advice and the time we spend working on your behalf as well as details of Court fees.

We will ensure that you are fully aware of the likely cost and you need to consider how you will be able to pay.

There are a number of options available to you for the funding of your legal fees as follows:-

  • from income or savings
  • loans or gifts from family or friends
  • a commercial arrangement with a bank or other lender; using a credit card, overdraft facility or other loan
  • there are also specialist lenders who will provide consumer credit loans to help individual’s purchase legal services - we can put you in contact with such providers. These can be particularly useful where the value of marital assets is high, but you do not have access to cash to fund your divorce.

Pickerings accept payment from clients on a private basis as set out in our terms and conditions of business which are sent to you at the outset of a matter.

Invoices are issued regularly during the course of your case and it is expected that these invoices will be paid upon receipt.  Payments from you on account of fees and expenses may be requested from you during the process.  You are free to set up a standing order arrangement to make payment on a regular basis and such payments can be used towards your fees.  Any shortfall between those payments made on account and your invoice would have to be paid upon receipt of your invoice.

To arrange your free initial consultation contact Susan Davies on 01827 317078 or