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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our specialist dispute & litigation solicitors work hard to find commercially viable solutions to any difficulties you, or your business, may encounter.

We are skilled in all forms of dispute resolution - whether it be through the court process, tribunals, or alternative dispute resolution processes.

We offer our clients a broad range of expertise both in civil and commercial litigation matters. Below is an indication of the type of work we undertake:

At some point, most businesses will find themselves involved in disputes with suppliers, customers, partners, or advisers. Our team has the experience to help find a commercially viable solution and we always balance the potential recovery against the cost, time, and risk involved in pursuing a claim. Since we deal with a wide range of matters including complex commercial disputes, we are skilled in adopting a tactical approach to get the best result for you and your business.

Since we work collaboratively with other law teams within Pickerings Solicitors, we can respond swiftly on your behalf and deliver value by offering a high level of expertise at local rates.

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