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Contractual Disputes

A contractual dispute such as one with a customer or a supplier can have a serious and damaging impact on your business.

Litigation can be costly. Not only can it have an impact on cash flow, it can also seriously impact upon your time and ability to focus on moving your business forward. We understand the impact it can have on your daily life and factor this into our advice.

If you become aware of an issue, the sooner you address it, the more likely you are to avoid a dispute altogether.

You are best to take advice to establish your contractual position at the earliest stage possible, since a small fee at the outset can often save much greater cost at a later stage.

Sometimes, when an issue is entrenched, litigation may be the only answer, but most disputes can be sorted effectively without having  to go to court. We have experience of negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution and can advise on the possible courses of action open to you as well as likely outcomes and cost. We take a pragmatic and commercial approach to obtaining the best result possible for you and your company.

If the matter does go to court, our experienced advocates will be well-placed to fight your corner.

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