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Shareholder and Director Disputes

We have experience in handling  the range of issues which can arise when a business is in dispute and we understand just how bitter and personal these disputes can become. We will work hard on you behalf to secure the best possible result and always give you realistic advice.

If you are concerned about the possibility of a dispute escalating, it is better to call for advice at an early stage to prevent the dispute from becoming entrenched and possibly damaging the trading prospects of your business. 

What causes shareholder and director disputes?

A variety of issues can lead to shareholder and director disputes:

  • Distribution of profit/remuneration
  • Control
  • Manipulation of finances
  • Directors preparing to exit and set up in competition
  • Personality clashes
  • Desire to pursue different business plans/models
  • Family feuds

We can help resolve the majority of disputes without going to court.

Most shareholder disputes are resolved by one shareholder selling shares to the remaining members. We work with accountants to ensure that a fair valuation is reached and that our clients interests are properly safeguarded.

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