Senior, Director and Executive Level Issues

When you occupy a senior role within an organisation, decisions regarding employment issues tend to be more complex and should not be taken lightly. Whether you are joining or leaving an organisation, it is advisable to consult an expert to clearly establish your contractual position.

When you decide to leave

You should always be sure of your contractual position before taking action. We can advise on the implications of leaving your current place of work with regard to notice periods, restrictive covenants, severance payments and benefits, and director service agreements.

It is advisable to take a tactical approach to the timing of your resignation to ensure that you retain the benefits to which you are entitled. It is also important to understand the post-termination restrictions which apply since it can be disconcerting to be served with an injunction by your previous employer on your first day with your new one!

When your organisation decides you should leave

We can help you to negotiate the best possible severance terms and handle your Settlement Agreement.

If you feel that you are being forced out unfairly , we can help you to defend your position and to ensure that if you do have to leave, the damage to your reputation and future prospects is minimised.

We can also handle disputes regarding Employment Contracts and Director Service Agreements.

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