Children With Disability

If you have a child with a disability such as cerebral palsy or autism, planning for their future can seem daunting. Although it may be hard to imagine a time when you won’t be around to care for your child, you will naturally want to ensure that they are taken care of.

Most of us would like to pass on our hard earned money and property to our dependants.  However if you leave money outright to an adult with learning or development disabilities it can give rise to a range of problems: -

The adult may not have the capacity to deal with their own money and therefore be unable to give legal receipt for it.

 If the adult does not fully understand the notion of money or its value, then they may not use it in appropriate ways and may be susceptible to third parties looking to take advantage of them.

 An outright inheritance may affect the adult’s means tested benefits.  A lump sum of money could mean that the adult has their benefits reduced or stopped.  If they have more than £16,000 in capital, they will lose any means tested benefits.  So although you may be giving money to improve their finances, you may not achieve your intended result.

 With years of experience in advising in such circumstances, we can help by showing you the options available to you so that you take the best course of action for your family situation.

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