When to change your Will

Your Will is the document which  declares what you want to happen to your property and possessions upon your death. Since your circumstances are likely to change throughout your life, it is good idea to review your will at least every five years. If nothing else you should check that you still want the same executors to act for you or indeed that they are still alive!

Other life events which should make you change your Will are:

1. Divorce. Do you really want your ex to inherit from you?

2. Buying property and land or valuable boats and cars. Are these major assets covered by your Will?

3. A new baby in the family. If you become a grandparent or a parent have you made provision for the new arrival?

4. Marriage. A Will is automatically revoked upon marriage so you will need to make a new one.

5. Changes to tax laws. Depending on when you made your original Will, the law may since have changed and the arrangements may need to be reviewed.

6. Going into care. If you are contemplating moving into a care home your Will should be checked to ensure it remains effective.

If you need advice on your will contact Emma Harrison on (01827) 317070 or email eharrison@pickerings-solicitors.com. She and her experienced team will be happy to advise.


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