Can You Write Your Own Will?

When you see advertisements for Will-writing templates online and DIY Will packs that may be purchased from stationers or online, you may be tempted to save money by writing your own Will.

Although this may seem a cheaper option, there is a real risk that it will prove costly in the longer term.

There is no guarantee that you are purchasing the correct type of Will to suit your circumstances. Also a  DIY Will pack will not ensure that you have completed all the information correctly, nor will it ensure that the Will is properly witnessed. Without tax planning advice it is also possible that a larger proportion of your estate will go to HMRC rather than to your beneficiaries.

A badly drafted or unsuitable Will can cause many problems for your family and beneficiaries at a time when they may be grieving and worried about the future

A properly drafted will is essential if you want your estate to fall into the hands of the right people when you die and not leave the estate open to disputes.

It is possible that a badly-drafted Will can result in a partial intestacy, with the associated expense and stress for those who are left to sort it out.

It is far better to get the Will made professionally in the first instance. 

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