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Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between shareholders, partners and business owners arise for a wide variety of reasons, such as:

  • Company strategy and direction
  • Disqualification of directors
  • Level of remuneration/dividends/split of profits
  • Relationship breakdown and personality clash
  • Dissatisfaction with the time and energy and resource invested in the business
  • Conflicts of interest or partners setting up in competition
  • Undue influence

Whatever the cause of the dispute, it can have a huge impact ion the ability of a business to function effectively. For this reason, we recommend that you take advice at an early stage in order to minimise the dispute and the impact that it may have.

Once we have details of the contractual framework within which the dispute is taking place, we can advise on your legal position and possible ways to resolve the dispute. The advice given will vary according to individual circumstances and the legal agreements which are in force.

Given their many year's experience in advising on disputes between business owners, partners and shareholders accross a variety of sectors, it makes sense to consult our specialist litigation team.

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